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During the Holidays.....we gave food to over 250 people!

My Family and I traditionally pack the truck up with  snacks, and some canned food to assist some folks- but it is never enough.

WARNING:  Please use caution if you plan on doing this, it can be dangerous per L.A.P.D.

Driving around and looking for the crowds

L.A.P.D decides to assist due to the numbers 
Over 50 people begin walking up.

A nice gentlemen decides to draw my daughter! We could'nt believe it! ON THE SPOT!
8 Minutes later------------Tadaaa!!!
My kids and I gave out food to approximately 250 people, within two hours. 
Here is a short video.

For the past few years, George and his Family have contributed hundreds of dollars toward the homeless people in the Downtown, Los Angeles area. They loaded up the truck with food, water, juices and headed toward downtown to assist the Homeless People. 

The homeless people were provided Water Bottles, Natural Juices, Vienna Sausages (canned), Breakfast Pop Tarts, plates of  food, as well as cake for desert ( fruit cake with the peaches and strawberries on it- the good stuff), 
The truck was packed to the rim and within 15 minutes, the truck was empty! We went back to the store for another run of food and drinks!

"On the last run, It was about 4:30 PM, on Sunday. We pulled up in an open area, where there were people standing around - several people were in their boxes. We started asking people if they were hungry and began handing out food and water. Our windows were rolled up half way, car doors locked, and the car in drive mode (just in case things get out of hand). There must have been at least 30 to 40 people coming out of everywhere, within seconds!  It was kinda scary! At one point, it simply got "overwhelming", with so many people walking up requesting food! The food was received faster that we can all hand it out- there were five of us handing out food quickly. We wanted to make sure that everyone got their fair share by providing one plate and drink per person. That seemed to work well until we began running out and that's when you feel bad about not reaching everyone. It's too bad, you cant help everyone but the good news is you helped a few.

The people were extremely happy and appreciative! A few of them seen the Learn Salsa signs on the truck and said,  "I want to Learn Salsa! and started dancing right there on the spot! This really shows you that these are "real people", they love to dance too! They just happen to be down on their luck and simply need a temporary little lift and a helping hand.

We appreciate you taking time to read this but more importantly, if you are planning to help the homeless, practice safety first and be cautious. The Police Station was right around the corner along with walking Patrols in the area.

Happy Holidays to everyone!


The Year Before



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