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Salsa Videos! 

"Hundreds of Salsa Videos Already SOLD! 

"14 Beginner Salsa Steps!"   

Regular Price $39.95

( Can I see a sample step? )  

Salsa Video Includes:

14 Salsa Beginner Steps!!! 

See the FIRST 7 Steps (danced) 
( you get to see what you will learn next!) 
Specific Salsa Lessons for Men!
Specific Salsa Lessons for Women!
Specific Salsa Lessons for BOTH!
See the NEXT 7 Salsa Steps (danced) 
( you get to see what you will learn next!) 




Buy it NOW and receive: 
4 Bachata Steps when you buy the DVD!!  

$10.00 OFF!  the next, 
Salsa Bootcamp! 

Order Now!  

$19.99 - Download Video!  
(regular $39.95) 
(Available in several media formats:
( Mpeg4, QuickTime, and WMV
                                                               WMV-is the most popular download (Windows)  

Thank you for your purchase!

Learn the Basics, Intermediate or Professional steps"
Everyone is friendly, they get along and have a great time!

 alsa Videos

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