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Salsa Dance Bootcamp

6 Hour Salsa Bootcamp in Los Angeles

Salsa Bootcamp Salsa Dancing Bootcamp Salsa Dance Classes


Salsa dance is very closely related to the Mambo, and in fact some forms of Salsa dance have exactly the same footwork but moved on a different rhythm. Salsa dancing is created by Puerto Ricans in New York City in the late 1940's, they modified the timing of the steps to occur starting at the first beat of every four counts and added ethnic styles to the existing Mambo dance.

Salsa dancing is quickly replacing the Gym and other workout programs! Salsa dancing provides you great a cardio workout and nice body tone! We are famous for our 6 hour Salsa Bootcamps, weekly Salsa dance classes and private salsa dancing lessons! At our Salsa Bootcamp, you will burn 1500 calories!

Salsa Lessons are fantastic way to start emerging yourself in the sizzling world of salsa. When you feel ready though, check out a 6 hour salsa boot camp at! We have a special offer at our dancing Salsa workshop for beginners who are keen to begin with us on Salsa dancing classes in our Salsa Dance Bootcamp to learn how to dance salsa.

Our 6 hour Salsa Bootcamp have beginner dance classes for Salsa for the all those who are beginners and ready to start with basic salsa dance steps is an ideal stepping stone. We average about ONE Salsa Bootcamp every three weeks!!!

We will be serving free snacks in our Salsa dance classes and Salsa workshops! We will have live entertainment, Bongos, singing and 6 hour Salsa dancing lessons!

Only one of its kinds in LA, our Salsa dance centre provides very friendly environment where you can pop in even without a partner.

!!Yes!! Thatís true!!! You DO NOT need a partner!! We do a constant rotation of partners for Salsa dancing; you will be dancing salsa with everyone of the opposite sex. Our environment is a comfortable learning environment at our 6 hour Salsa Dance Bootcamp. We never embarrass anyone or make anyone feel uncomfortable. We ask that everyone encourage each other for support at our Salsa Boot Camp. We work hard to make sure you are having FUN at the Salsa lessons in Los Angeles and salsa dance lessons AKA

We make Salsa dance classes and lessons at our 6 hour Salsa Bootcamp about "YOU". We always have approximately 80 to 125 people at a time learning to dance Salsa, at every single Salsa Bootcamp!

The Best part of Bootcomp is "YOU"...YOU make the Salsa Bootcamps and we definitely have a lot of great people attending. We have many repeat customers that have taken many of our Salsa Bootcamps and they keep coming back and we love having them back all for our Salsa Bootcamp again!

SO C'ON!!! What are you waiting for???...Spoil yourself today at Bootcamp!!!



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Everyone is friendly, they get along and have a great time!




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