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Testing for 
Salsa Certification! 


If you have what it takes and would like to certified, get tested by two Salsa Schools and receive Salsa Certification!

brought to you  


"We will have two well known and respected schools giving you the opportunity to demonstrate your skills for teaching Salsa!"    

By signing up you will have an opportunity to demonstrate your skills and knowledge on the salsa steps that you know. In order to receive a Salsa Certificate, you will be required to demonstrate the following beginner steps:

1) The 10 Basic Steps for Men & Women

2) You will be required to demonstrate knowledge on at least 90% of the Beginner Salsa Steps. ( Below 90% will require a retest. One re-test per order)

3) A digital video will be sent to you for preparation. It will have the specific step that you will study.

4) The date of testing will be sent to you at least a month ahead of time so that you have time to prepare.

5) Cancellation of testing will require a 3 day notice ahead of time.

6) Passing: 

Congratulations, you passed and will leave with a Salsa Certificate from two well known and respected Salsa Schools ( Signed by both schools). 

Testing for Salsa Certification:

Sign up today for testing to get certified.

Preparation Video Included 

ONLY $119



" A Great Career in Dance!"   





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