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2,3,4 and 6 Hour Salsa
Beginner & Intermediate Bootcamps
Los Angeles Salsa Lessons

2,3,4 and 6 Hour bachata Bootcamps
Beginner & Intermediate Bootcamps
Salsa Lessons in Los Angeles

Salsa, Bachata and Ladies Styling
Beginner & Intermediate Videos
Salsa Vides, Salsa DVDs, Bachata Videos, Salsa Ladies Styling Videos

"Our Customers are the BEST thing about! Dance with 35 to 50 different partners of the OPPOSITE SEX! 
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"Over 10,000 Students have attended our
Salsa, Bachata & Tango Bootcamps!"
For over 9 YEARS!!
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See for yourself how has influenced people all over, increasing their love for dance, and exposing them to Salsa.  Below, you’ll see great testimonials from people who have experienced all that has to offer.  So if you’re a little skeptical, or if you can’t decide whether you want to start off with the Salsa Bootcamp of Classes, with a quick overview from actual students, you’ll find yourself amazed and enticed to join our ranks.  Check them out, and get ready to be part of this AMAZING experience by the power of! 

"See and read for yourself  
what people are saying!" 

"Our Customers are the BEST thing about! Dance with 35 to 50 different partners of the OPPOSITE SEX!
(Often imitated but never replicated!!! ) 

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Salsa Testimonials!
Direct from our  
AWESOME Customers!!!

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May 22, Los Angeles County Salsa Bootcamp

salsa class

salsa class


June 22, Los Angeles County  Salsa Bootcamp!!!!

Los Angeles Salsa Bootcamp
May 3rd, Orange County  Salsa Bootcamp!!!!
Los Angeles Salsa Lessons

May 1st, 2009 Salsa Bootcamp!!!!
Los Angeles Salsa Lessons
April 20th, 2009 Salsa Bootcamp!!!!
Los Angeles Salsa Lessons
November 16th, 2008 Salsa Bootcamp!!!!
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Los Angeles Salsa Lessons



September 21st, 2008!!!
Lots of Instructors- Made Just for Beginners! 

Los Angeles Salsa Lessons   
Another Letter of Recommendation
Los Angeles Salsa Lessons  
Another Letter of Recommendation!  
Another Letter of Recommendation

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The Media Recognizes our contributions to the community!

We average, between 3 to 6 positive recommendations weekly! 
( we cant post them all but thank you soooo much for sending the recommendations! We really appreciate you all!) 

Testimonial delivered about the August 10th Salsa Bootcamp!    

Testimonial delivered in July for the Salsa Bootcamp!   

 Testimonial delivered on 7/05/08 Salsa Bootcamp!   
 Testimonial from 6/15/08 Salsa Bootcamp!   
Testimonial from 6/08/08 Salsa Bootcamp!  
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 "I really Appreciated the fact that you made the environment a comfortable learning environment. I was nervous about going and did not want anyway laughing at me, I'm a beginner. Your team made it comfortable for me to learn salsa and there was a ton of beginners just like me."                                  -Sean 

"We met a lot of people-- 
  Plain and simple, you guys are the best!"  
                                                                  - Johnny

" I Think This is The Perfect Way to Learn Salsa" 


" I Learned More than I would have anywhere else!" 

Reviews and Salsa success stories from our AWESOME customers!  
Salsa videos & letters of recommendation!!!  

Please send us your recommendations  
once you've had a chance to go to our Salsa Bootcamp

"One of the Finest Salsa Lessons in Los Angeles"

   "One of the Finest 
   Salsa Lessons in L.A"

 The Best Thing About, 
Our AWESOME Customers ! 

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Feb 17th, 2008
October 9th, 2007   
"I really appreciate the good spirits and greatness of your staff, each one of them was fabulous" 
June 28th, 2007  "We have a TON OF HAPPY CUSTOMERS!" Here's what they say after 4 Hours!

April 23rd, 2007 "About our Intermediate Bootcamp from Las Vegas" 
Our customers come to our Salsa Bootcamps from all over the US! (Arizona, New York, Chicago etc.)

October 20th, 2006

September 20th, 2006

Hi George,

I just wanted to write you to let you know what a great time I had on the last bootcamp.
You guys really broke down the steps and made the learning process fun and easy.  And with so many instructors around, I didn't have any difficulties following the lessons.  It didn't hurt that there were A LOT of girls to dance with :)
I think this is the perfect way to learn salsa, in 1 day with enough time to get all the moves down.  I'm no expert yet but I have definitely have a good grasp of the basics and ready to go to the clubs and bust a move.
I already told my friends about it and they're all waiting for your next bootcamp!
Again, thanks and more success to you guys!


The Best Thing About,  Our AWESOME Customers ! ! ! 

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January 29, 2006


My friends and I flew to LA for 24 hours one weekend just to attend the salsa bootcamp...IT WAS COMPLETELY WORTH IT!!!  We had a great time, learned a ton, and walked away feeling confident to walk into any club and at least hold our own on the dance floor. If you're a beginner who wants to learn salsa, look no further. This salsa bootcamp is what you're looking for!! Go ahead and register; you won't be disappointed. You WILL learn to dance and have a great time doing it! We already have plans to come back to the intermediate bootcamp, so maybe we'll see you there!  -- Jody (Ashlee, Sharran & Rachel too!)

We look forward to seeing our group shot with you all on the web!
January 23, 2006

happy Monday George!

First of all i just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you... everyone had a great time and are
already asking about the next time we're gonna take lessons! 

Thank you again for the lessons
and I look forward to our next session!


October 9th, 2005
Dear George,
You guys are on it!  What an incredible job all around.  I had an absolute blast.  It was good to push myself out of my comfort zone--and still have a great time doing it.  Your instructors were excellent, patient, positive and gave everyone the confidence to keep on trying even if it takes a while.  Once again, I am looking forward to practicing, and taking the next class.  I will have three friends coming with me.  Anyway, Have a great week--take care.  Anahid Beauvoir


"Learn the Basics, Intermediate or Professional steps"
Everyone is friendly, they get along and have a great time!





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