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2,3,4 and 6 Hour Salsa
Beginner & Intermediate Bootcamps
Los Angeles Salsa Lessons

2,3,4 and 6 Hour bachata Bootcamps
Beginner & Intermediate Bootcamps
Salsa Lessons in Los Angeles

Salsa, Bachata and Ladies Styling
Beginner & Intermediate Videos
Salsa Vides, Salsa DVDs, Bachata Videos, Salsa Ladies Styling Videos

FAQ on the following (6) popular FAQ Salsa  
(see below for FAQ)  

1) Weekly Salsa Classes details

2) 6 & 4 Hour Salsa Bootcamps

3) Private Salsa Lessons

4) Salsa Tips for Beginners

5) Salsa Videos

6) Information on V.I.P Customer


What should I wear and how do I prepare for the Salsa Bootcamp Lessons?
Where are the ONE to TWO hour Classes? 
Please contact us via email for details (
How Much are the weekly classes?
$10 to 15.00 per class, depending on the day and location, please check here for the latest weekly salsa lessons updates.

If I pre-pay on line, How Much will it cost?
Just $10/per one hour session, if you SIGN UP on line for the lessons at one time. This will give you 8 Hours worth of salsa lessons!!
ABSOLUTELY! We review the salsa steps over and over for repetition.
Can I get a discount on 8 weeks? 
Sign up for 8 classes, $10/per session!!! (Save $40)
Do you have INTERMEDIATE classes?
Yes, you need to check the site for the weekly classes and times at 


Will come out to our City (outside of Los Angeles) ? You're darn right we will! We will travel to any City within the USA and will also travel International. We have done Salsa Bootcamps for over 7 years and are Exclusive, Complete, and Experienced!! Please call us direct to organize this event. We would definitely have to plan for a minimum headcount attendance in order to make this successful!


Will you come out to do a performance at our event? You're darn right we will!  Please let us know what you have going on and we will help you with the entertainment!!!

We have a lot of experience with small to large events.

I don't want to feel uncomfortable since I have never danced ( two left feet )
, any advice? Relaxxx!!!! You are going to be ok, we run a sophisticated program that works with MANY BEGINNERS, matter of fact we have done over 90 Beginner Bootcamps and understand clearly how you feel and WORK HARD on making sure you are comfortable.

Matter of fact; we have had many Salsa Beginners feel uncomfortable because of coming alone- dont worry, you will blend in with many people that took the same step forward that want to learn salsa! We are the #1 Beginner Salsa Bootcamp in all of Los Angeles and have an incredible reputation in the community!


What should I wear and how do I prepare for the 6 hour Salsa Bootcamp?


Honestly, it takes me a while to catch on to things, I need to take several classes before it sinks in, what do you recommend?
We understand that it takes time to practice the steps and people learn at different levels, this is why we created the Learn Salsa V.I.P program, see details here.

This means that you can come to all of the Bootcamps all year long. It expires at the end of the year! This is a $1500 value when you  add up all the bootcamps!!

Do you offer Discounts for the Bootcamp?

We are currently running our promotion for groups of 5 and more. The promotion cannot be used with any other discounts or coupons. offer Expires soon. Discounts at


We also offer discounts when you sign up for the Unlimited Salsa Bootcamps.


Salsa Lessons in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Salsa Lessons

What are the directions to the Bootcamp Class and other classes??? Please check out the schedule on the homepage of Learn Salsa website. The bootcamp or class schedule will show all details there. Check out our homepage for details. Choose the class that you want, then click SIGN UP. Also, we have several locations so please check out the address that applies to the specific date.

What is the REGULAR cost of the Bootcamp classes?
There are different specials and offers sent out for these classes. 
The normal price for the Salsa Bootcamp is $99.95 but, we have a promotion. Please go to our homepage at and sign up for a discount!


I've seen other Salsa Bootcamps and wanted to find out what makes a Leader and the BEST? 
- We Instruct over 3000 new students every year and have done this 
   consistently, month over month. ( tons of experience!) 
   ( Please see for yourself (pictures)! Are class are always SOLD OUT! )

- Our Instructors teach LA Style Salsa (known all over the world) 

- We have great people skills and communicate effectively!

- We have TONS of customers that are satisfied, a TON! 

- We don't follow a trend, we set it ( we are on top of what is HOT and 
   what is NOT! )
We are often imitated but never replicated based on our talent,
    experience with Salsa, Entertainment and customer service! The customer benefits 
    from coming to our Salsa Bootcamps!

- WE CARE about our customers and expect EVERYONE, ourselves as well as 
   our customers to leave any attitudes at the front door. We expect that 
   you are motivated and ready to have fun with a GREAT ATTITUDE!

- Our customers are our friends ( period). is your home and 
  we want you to feel right at home when you Learn Salsa!

What is included at the Bootcamp?

- Finest Salsa Lessons in Los Angeles ( LA Style Salsa)
- Learn Salsa for 6 Hours! ( lots of breaks, don't worry : ) 
- Practice with 30 to 50 people of the opposite sex!  
- Make a ton of friends!
- Partner provided ( we do our best to make you comfortable) 
- Free Food!
- Free Water!
- Live Entertainment!
- Free Give Away's at the Salsa Bootcamps
- Friendly Comfortable Environment where people get along!
- No Attitudes! 
- Pure Fun! 

Are your classes really large?
You bet! We are one of the most successful & largest classes for Salsa Dancing in  
Los Angeles ( as well as the United States!)!
We have plenty of instructors but more importantly, we have the people that you can practice with!. We have experience in dealing with small and large crowds. Most instructors have NEVER experienced this level of teaching, but at Learn Salsa has the instructors that have taught all different size classes, we have experience! See the results for yourself ( click here)
Have you ever been to a class where there wasn't enough students to practice with? 
Not with us! We have a lot of students that are eager to Learn Salsa and are excited to practice with you! 

Will I learn Salsa with so many people at the Bootcamp?

We have enough assistants to help out the instructors, we want you to Learn Salsa. When you need help, flag one of us down and we come to your assistance! 

Also, a great focused attitude and willingness to learn is the key (PMA)! The rest is up to your level of motivation!


Is there a minimum age restriction?
Yes, must be 18 and over.


I am coming with a partner.  Can we dance together during Salsa Bootcamp
Yes, but we recommend that you practice by switching partners, it will help you grow faster in your learning process.  If you decide not to switch, please let your teacher know you wish to stay together.  If you feel more comfortable dancing together during salsa lessons, that is fine, no worries.  We leave that up to you, just have a BLAST!


Which Salsa Classes should I take? Are they all the same?
All the beginning classes teach the same fundamental dance techniques. Each salsa class covers different patterns, so you can take several classes each week and monthly Salsa Bootcamps, and learn new things. It does not matter which day of the week, or where the salsa class location is - you'll always learn what you need to know! Many people take multiple classes each week to reinforce the learning process. Intermediate classes teach different material/patterns each salsa class


Our goal is for you to Learn Salsa! We don't try to "hang on to customers and only restrict to our style and classes" NOT! We want you to go to our Salsa Bootcamps and salsa classes and try some other instructors for a taste of different styles.

We bring in over 3000 students a year and are interested in taking care of the customer vs. locking in with one class!


I've never danced Salsa, will I stand out? Will I look foolish?
No, you'll be surrounded by other people, like yourself, with some that have danced and others that have NEVER danced! We set the right expectation up front, support and encourage each other while learning! 


George and Erick have over 12 years experience in the entertainment industry and strong management experience. We set the right tone to make sure that you feel comfortable and have fun.


George and Erick have extensive experience in working with all kinds of people and are there to support and help you! Point being that a positive environment is put in place and expected, so that you are comfortable throughout the salsa bootcamp!


What shoes should I wear to Salsa Lessons? 
Avoid trainers or shoes which grip the ground too much - they make it hard for you to move. Avoid backless sandals as they tend to fall off as you dance Salsa.
Shoes with too high or too narrow a heel may make your feet ache, prevent you moving easily and make it harder to dance. (a one and a half inch heel is ideal)

As you progress, if you find you are dancing regularly, buying a pair of shoes for dancing is well worth it. You can buy shoes quite cheaply and they will look after your feet and make it much easier to dance.

DO NOT WEAR STILETTO OR KITTEN HEELS - as these concentrate all your weight into a very small area, so if you tread on someone, you could really hurt them. They are also very hard to dance in and can damage dance floors, especially if they are metal-tipped. Here is a great shoe store, its called


Who are the Salsa Bootcamps programmed for? 
This class caters to beginners that dont want to spend the next year or two going to numerous salsa classes. By the time you come back to the next week class, you end up forgetting, you then review and it can certainly be a time consumer.

This Salsa Bootcamp caters for the busy people want to dance this weekend!


Salsa as exercise 
We are the first to set the trend! Salsa is replacing the gymnasiums! Why? Its a lot more fun getting a great workout socializing and having a blast vs. working out alone at a gymnasium.  Salsa dancing not only feels good, but it also improves your physical strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination.  You can get a real high from dancing, and in the stressful world we live in this natural high is a GOOD THING.  Salsa also provides good aerobic exercise with less strain on the joints than higher impact activities - e.g. jogging.  You exercise aerobically when you feel a mild level of exertion - i.e. feel warm, start sweating, feel your heart and pulse rates up - but not such that you can't carry on a conversation.  Most averagely fit people achieve this when dancing salsa.  Aerobic exercise should be indulged in for at least 20 minutes, 2-3 times a week.

Our Salsa Bootcamps will help you burn 1500 calories!


Do I need a Partner?
Absolutely not! We rotate partners in class, and everyone will have ample partners. If we have an imbalance, extra people just wait in between couples, and will get a partner in a couple of minutes (we switch partners quite a bit during class). We also do our best to have even classes but it can be a challenge at times with so many people signing up!


I'm bringing someone, do I have to rotate partners?
Rotating partners is not solely for social reasons. It helps the learning process. It's necessary to properly learn how to lead and follow. Everyone has a different style, and changing partners will greatly enhance the speed at which you learn. That being said, you can always remove yourself slightly from the circle and not change partners - no problem!


Is this a singles class? Are there many singles there?
No, this is not a "singles" class, but there are a lot of singles people taking salsa lessons. There are also many couples as well. It's a very casual and supportive atmosphere where everyone is having fun and learning how to dance. These classes have a mixture of people from all social walks of life! From Doctors, Lawyers, waiters, waitresses, models, maids, you name it, everyone will be there having a GREAT TIME! We are all equal when it comes to having FUN!


Can I bring a group of people?
Absolutely! If you're nervous about taking a class simply invite your friends. They'll have a great time and you'll be able to practice together. On certain classes, please pre-register due to the room capacity. We also have group rate discounts!


What if I sign up for a session of classes and have to miss a class?
No problem! You can swap classes at any time, and make up classes during the week, for any other class. Once you sign up for a session, and miss a class, you may attend a make up class by informing the teacher. COMMUNICATION WITH THE INSTRUCTOR IS KEY! If you cannot make any other class in that week, then you would lose a class (although we do go out of our way to make sure people are well taken care of). The pre-registration classes for the Bootcamp Salsa programs are prepaid and you can join in on the next Bootcamp if you miss it, and do not communicate, the money is non-refundable due to the costs that are  involved.


Anything else I need to know about classes or how to prepare, what to bring?
Just bring yourself, bring water, your friends, and the desire to learn and have fun. You'll have a great time! Always prepare for dance classes by practicing good hygiene! What that means is, please shower before coming to class - and wear deodorant and antiperspirant. Ladies - perfume, men - a touch of cologne. These little thoughtful touches go a long way. Nobody forget to bring your breath mints!


What are three big tips for a Beginner dancer trying to learn the fastest way possible?
First, count out loud! Just like in class - take every opportunity to count and grasp the rhythm. Second, perhaps find a partner to practice with them (you should still rotate partners in class, but outside of class, you can practice with someone)


Incredible Social Benefits: Meet tons of people! Far more than you could in any other medium. Ask anyone who has tried it. The social benefits, for both men and women, are second to none.It will aid you in life: in way's you can't possibly imagine before trying it. You become better at work, more focused,
more fulfilled, and far more self confident! You'll carry yourself in an entirely different way.


Connection with other people, community: For many, Salsa Dancing will get you in touch with a fantastic, diverse and fun group of people, and it allows you to form a connection with another person (while dancing) that is rare in today's society. It's called partner dancing for a reason, and there is nothing quite like having a dance, with someone you've just met (or you've known for years), which allows you to share such happiness and joy. Being one with the music!


More fun than you've ever had: That's quite a lofty benefit, but for many, they find that Salsa Dancing is just the element that has been missing from their lives. No single type of dance is for everyone, but Salsa is a lot of fun.There are so many other reasons. Hopefully we've provided enough reasons to at least have you take the first step.


What are the types of Classes that you serve?

Last but not least- BRING A GREAT ATTITUDE! This is key!

Cya at the next bootcamp!!

Private Lessons FAQ

Can I get a discount for signing up for many Private Lessons?
Yes, you can get a discount by going to Look at the bottom of the page. 


How much, and how long, are Private Lessons?
Privates are $85 and last for one hour. We now have Introductory (first timer) lessons, with any of our teachers, at a A reduced rate! Ask about our 2 for 1 promotions. See discounts at


Where to Private Lessons Take Place?
Either in our current dance studios, or at your home, you can schedule a lesson anytime, we will work out the details on a place.


Who will give me the Private Salsa Lessons?
Depending on the salsa schedule, we will work with you to get you an instructor that you feel comfortable with.


What are the benefits of Private Salsa Lessons?
There are almost too many to mention! First take the bootcamp to get the basics down, then you can refine the details with Private Lessons. You get a focused attention on what you need to improve on and what you are doing good. This will speed up your learning and you will be ready to take it to the next Salsa Level! 


Do I really need private lessons?
I recommend everyone start with at least one Salsa Bootcamp session! Yes, you heard that right, do not take a privates to start dancing. Take a Salsa Bootcamp first, and start learning some of the basics and the fundamentals. That way, you'll get far more out of your private lessons. Don't substitute privates for group classes! They work best together rather than individually. You'll want to take your first private within your first 2 months of dancing (before bad habits have a chance to develop).


But I have been told to take Private Salsa Lessons FIRST!! What do I do?
If you have never danced Salsa and the instructor is asking you to take private lessons, RUN! You will spend too much money on something that you can quickly learn at one of our Salsa Bootcamps! We want you to Learn Salsa and definately recommend privates at a later date. It will be less expensive for you once you have the Salsa basics down vs. spending hours at a high rate learning the basics.

  Tips for Beginners FAQ

Here are a few things to remember before you actually set off for your first lesson.

 Wear comfortable shoes to the Salsa Class, as feet can get sore after dancing for a few hours. Avoid trainers that grip the floor too much and make it hard for you to move. Do not wear slip-on shoes or stilleto heels as they are hard to dance in and can damage dance floors.


Wear loose, comfortable casual clothing at the Salsa Class. If women wear skirts make sure they are not below the calf as they can get caught on the heels of shoes when dancing. Layers are good, because as you get warm, you can take clothes off. Salsa dancing is very good exercise - you will be surprised on how warm it gets and how many calories you end up burning!.


You do not need to come with a partner to the Salsa Class, even though we want you to tell everyone! We have a rotation of partners, it is an extremely social dance, you'll love it. Everyone has a great time at the Salsa Class. 

At the Salsa Class, It may seem obvious but in salsa dancing, you are close to each other so you MUST REMEMBER, personal hygiene. Always wear deodorant and make sure that you have fresh breath. If you do tend to sweat a lot then it may be advisable to take a long a flannel which you can use to wipe sweat from your face during your class and even a change of top. You will find that as you do more salsa classes your fitness levels will increase and you will probably start to sweat less. It is important to be considerate to others at the Salsa Class.


Do you have a Salsa Calendar?


Where can I go to dance Salsa?  (click here)
Here are some of the night clubs that we highly recommend for Salsa Dancing!

Salsa Videos ( I am unable to attend class)

I am unable to attend any of the classes, I live out of town. Do you have a video? YES! Please check out our website at


V.I.P Customers

How do I become a V.I.P customer & what would I receive?

 First of all, this is the BEST deal of it all, you will get the most classes for the BEST price!

12 Classes at $80 each = $960
6 Intermediate Salsa Bootcamps = $360
12 Bachata Lesson Bootcamps = $480
Salsa Videos (intermediate & Beginner) = $70

Its and overall value of $2,000 dollars a year! (click here to sign up for V.I.P)


What Cities do most of your customers come from?

Since we hold Salsa Bootcamps that are more than One Hour, we get vistors world-wide.


Our customers have come as far as Australia and all different US Cities, most mainly come from the Southern California Cities!l


Bel AirSalsa Lessons

Belmont Shore - Long Beach

Beverly GlenSalsa Lessons

Beverly HillsSalsa Lessons

BeverlywoodSalsa Lessons

BradburySalsa Lessons

BrentwoodSalsa Lessons

CarsonSalsa Lessons

Century CitySalsa Lessons

Cheviot Hills/Rancho ParkSalsa Lessons

Culver CitySalsa Lessons


El SegundoSalsa Lessons

EncinoSalsa Lessons

GardenaSalsa Lessons

Hacienda HeightsSalsa Lessons

Hancock ParkSalsa Lessons

Hermosa BeachSalsa Lessons

HollywoodSalsa Lessons

Hollywood HillsSalsa Lessons

Hollywood-WestSalsa Lessons

Ladera HeightsSalsa Lessons

LakewoodSalsa Lessons

LawndaleSalsa Lessons

LomitaSalsa Lessons

Long BeachSalsa Lessons

Los AlamitosSalsa Lessons

Los Angeles-WestSalsa Lessons

Manhattan BeachSalsa Lessons

Marina Del ReySalsa Lessons

Mar Vista-Salsa Lessons

MIRACLE MILE-Salsa Lessons

Long BeachSalsa Lessons-

Pacific Palisades-Salsa Lessons

Palos Verdes EstatesSalsa Lessons

Palos Verdes Peninsula -Salsa Lessons

Playa Del ReySalsa Lessons


Would you come out to do a Salsa Bootcamp in our local city?

We will definatly travel as long as there are enough students at each class



Thanks for visiting our Salsa FAQ's Questions section


"Learn the Basics, Intermediate or Professional steps"
Everyone is friendly, they get along and have a great time!



Email us:



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